Compiler-Controlled LINK Options

The CL compiler automatically calls LINK unless you specify the /c option. CL provides some control over the linker through command-line options and arguments. The following table summarizes the features in CL that affect linking.

CL specification CL action that affects LINK
Any file name extension other than .c, .cxx, .cpp, or .def Passes a file name as input to LINK
filename.def Passes /DEF:filename.def
/Fnumber Passes /STACK:number
/Fdfilename Passes /PDB:filename
/Fefilename Passes /OUT:filename
/Fmfilename Passes /MAP:filename
/Gy Creates packaged functions (COMDATs); enables function-level linking
/LD Passes /DLL
/LDd Passes /DLL
/link Passes remainder of command line to LINK
/MD or /MT Places a default library name in the .obj file
/MDd or /MTd Places a default library name in the .obj file. Defines the symbol _DEBUG
/nologo Passes /NOLOGO
/Zd Passes /DEBUG
/Zi or /Z7 Passes /DEBUG
/Zl Omits default library name from .obj file

For more information, see MSVC Compiler Options.

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