Exceptions (C/C++)

Two exception codes can be raised when failures are encountered:

  • For a LoadLibrary failure

  • For a GetProcAddress failure

Here is the exception information:

// Exception information
#define VcppException(sev,err)  ((sev) | (FACILITY_VISUALCPP<<16) | err)

The exception codes thrown are the standard VcppException(ERROR_SEVERITY_ERROR, ERROR_MOD_NOT_FOUND) and VcppException(ERROR_SEVERITY_ERROR, ERROR_PROC_NOT_FOUND) values. The exception passes a pointer to a DelayLoadInfo structure in the LPDWORD value that can be retrieved by GetExceptionInformation in the EXCEPTION_RECORD structure, ExceptionInformation[0] field.

Additionally, if the incorrect bits are set in the grAttrs field, the exception ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER is thrown. This exception is, for all intents and purposes, fatal.

See Structure and Constant Definitions for more information.

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