Specifying DLLs to Delay Load

You can specify which DLLs to delay load with the /delayload:dllname linker option. If you do not plan to use your own version of a helper function, you must also link your program with delayimp.lib (for desktop applications) or dloadhelper.lib (for store apps).

The following is a simple example of delay loading a DLL:

// cl t.cpp user32.lib delayimp.lib  /link /DELAYLOAD:user32.dll
#include <windows.h>
// uncomment these lines to remove .libs from command line
// #pragma comment(lib, "delayimp")
// #pragma comment(lib, "user32")

int main() {
   // user32.dll will load at this point
   MessageBox(NULL, "Hello", "Hello", MB_OK);

Build the DEBUG version of the project. Step through the code using the debugger and you will notice that user32.dll is loaded only when you make the call to MessageBox.

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