/Zc:__cplusplus (Enable updated __cplusplus macro)

The /Zc:__cplusplus compiler option enables the __cplusplus preprocessor macro to report an updated value for recent C++ language standards support. By default, Visual Studio always returns the value "199711L" for the __cplusplus preprocessor macro.




The __cplusplus preprocessor macro is commonly used to report support for a particular version of the C++ standard. Because lots of existing code appears to depend on the value of this macro matching "199711L", the compiler does not change the value of the macro unless you explicitly opt-in by using the /Zc:__cplusplus compiler option. The /Zc:__cplusplus option is available starting in Visual Studio 2017 version 15.7, and is off by default. In earlier versions of Visual Studio, and by default, or if /Zc:__cplusplus- is specified, Visual Studio returns the value "199711L" for the __cplusplus preprocessor macro. The /permissive- option does not enable /Zc:__cplusplus.

When the /Zc:__cplusplus option is enabled, the value reported by the __cplusplus macro depends on the /std version switch setting. This table shows the possible values for the macro:

/Zc:__cplusplus switch /std:c++ switch __cplusplus value
Zc:__cplusplus /std:c++14 (default) 201402L
Zc:__cplusplus /std:c++17 201703L
Zc:__cplusplus /std:c++latest 201704L
Zc:__cplusplus- (disabled) Any value 199711L
Not specified Any value 199711L

The compiler does not support standards switches for C++98, C++03, or C++11.

For finer-grained detection of changes to the compiler toolset, use the _MSC_VER predefined macro. The value of this built-in macro is incremented for every toolset update in Visual Studio 2017 and later versions. The _MSVC_LANG predefined macro reports the standard version whether the /Zc:__cplusplus option is enabled or disabled. When /Zc:__cplusplus is enabled, __cplusplus == _MSVC_LANG.

To set this compiler option in Visual Studio

  1. Open the project's Property Pages dialog box. For details, see Set C++ compiler and build properties in Visual Studio.

  2. Select the Configuration Properties > C/C++ > Command Line property page.

  3. Add /Zc:__cplusplus or /Zc:__cplusplus- to the Additional options: pane.

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