Scalar Types

Although the access of data can stem from any alignment, it is recommended that data be aligned on its natural boundary to avoid performance loss (or a multiple thereof). Enums are constant integers and are treated as 32-bit integers. The following table describes the type definition and recommended storage for it as it pertains to alignment using the following alignment values:

  • Byte - 8 bits

  • Word - 16 bits

  • Double Word - 32 bits

  • Quad Word - 64 bits

  • Octa Word - 128 bits

Scalar Type C Data Type Storage Size (in bytes) Recommended Alignment
INT8 char 1 Byte
UINT8 unsigned char 1 Byte
INT16 short 2 Word
UINT16 unsigned short 2 Word
INT32 int, long 4 Doubleword
UINT32 unsigned int, unsigned long 4 Doubleword
INT64 __int64 8 Quadword
UINT64 unsigned __int64 8 Quadword
FP32 (single precision) float 4 Doubleword
FP64 (double precision) double 8 Quadword
POINTER * 8 Quadword
__m64 struct __m64 8 Quadword
__m128 struct __m128 16 Octaword

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