Language Strings

The setlocale and _create_locale functions can use the Windows NLS API supported languages on operating systems that do not use the Unicode code page. For a list of supported languages by operating system version, see Appendix A: Product Behavior in [MS-LCID]: Windows Language Code Identifier (LCID) Reference. The language string can be any of the values in the Language and Language tag columns of the list of supported languages. For an example of code that enumerates available locale names and related values, see NLS: Name-based APIs Sample.

Additional supported language strings

The Microsoft C run-time library implementation also supports these language strings:

Language string Equivalent Locale Name
american en-US
american english en-US
american-english en-US
australian en-AU
belgian nl-BE
canadian en-CA
chh zh-HK
chi zh-SG
chinese zh
chinese-hongkong zh-HK
chinese-simplified zh-CN
chinese-singapore zh-SG
chinese-traditional zh-TW
dutch-belgian nl-BE
english-american en-US
english-aus en-AU
english-belize en-BZ
english-can en-CA
english-caribbean en-029
english-ire en-IE
english-jamaica en-JM
english-nz en-NZ
english-south africa en-ZA
english-trinidad y tobago en-TT
english-uk en-GB
english-us en-US
english-usa en-US
french-belgian fr-BE
french-canadian fr-CA
french-luxembourg fr-LU
french-swiss fr-CH
german-austrian de-AT
german-lichtenstein de-LI
german-luxembourg de-LU
german-swiss de-CH
irish-english en-IE
italian-swiss it-CH
norwegian no
norwegian-bokmal nb-NO
norwegian-nynorsk nn-NO
portuguese-brazilian pt-BR
spanish-argentina es-AR
spanish-bolivia es-BO
spanish-chile es-CL
spanish-colombia es-CO
spanish-costa rica es-CR
spanish-dominican republic es-DO
spanish-ecuador es-EC
spanish-el salvador es-SV
spanish-guatemala es-GT
spanish-honduras es-HN
spanish-mexican es-MX
spanish-modern es-ES
spanish-nicaragua es-NI
spanish-panama es-PA
spanish-paraguay es-PY
spanish-peru es-PE
spanish-puerto rico es-PR
spanish-uruguay es-UY
spanish-venezuela es-VE
swedish-finland sv-FI
swiss de-CH
uk en-GB
us en-US
usa en-US

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