Stores the current floating-point environment in the specified object.


int fegetenv(
   fenv_t *penv


Pointer to an fenv_t object to contain the current floating-point environment values.

Return Value

Returns 0 if the floating-point environment was successfully stored in penv. Otherwise, returns a non-zero value.


The fegetenv function stores the current floating-point environment in the object pointed to by penv. The floating point environment is the set of status flags and control modes that affect floating-point calculations. This includes the rounding direction mode and the status flags for floating-point exceptions. If penv does not point to a valid fenv_t object, subsequent behavior is undefined.

To use this function, you must turn off floating-point optimizations that could prevent access by using the #pragma fenv_access(on) directive prior to the call. For more information, see fenv_access.


Function C header C++ header
fegetenv <fenv.h> <cfenv>

For additional compatibility information, see Compatibility.

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