Returns the floating-point classification of the argument.


int fpclassify(
   /* floating-point */ x

int fpclassify(
   float x
); // C++ only

int fpclassify(
   double x
); // C++ only

int fpclassify(
   long double x
); // C++ only


The floating-point value to test.

Return Value

fpclassify returns an integer value that indicates the floating-point class of the argument x. This table shows the possible values returned by fpclassify, defined in <math.h>.

Value Description
FP_NAN A quiet, signaling, or indeterminate NaN
FP_INFINITE A positive or negative infinity
FP_NORMAL A positive or negative normalized non-zero value
FP_SUBNORMAL A positive or negative denormalized value
FP_ZERO A positive or negative zero value


In C, fpclassify is a macro; in C++, fpclassify is a function overloaded using argument types of float, double, or long double. In either case, the value returned depends on the effective type of the argument expression, and not on any intermediate representation. For example, a normal double or long double value can become an infinity, denormal, or zero value when converted to a float.


Function/Macro Required header (C) Required header (C++)
fpclassify <math.h> <math.h> or <cmath>

The fpclassify macro and fpclassify functions conform to the ISO C99 and C++11 specifications. For more compatibility information, see Compatibility.

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