Microsoft Specific

Retrieves the 16-bit error code mapped into the encapsulated HRESULT.


WORD WCode ( ) const throw( );

Return Value

If the HRESULT is within the range 0x80040200 to 0x8004FFFF, the WCode method returns the HRESULT minus 0x80040200; otherwise, it returns zero.


The WCode method is used to undo a mapping that happens in the COM support code. The wrapper for a dispinterface property or method calls a support routine that packages the arguments and calls IDispatch::Invoke. Upon return, if a failure HRESULT of DISP_E_EXCEPTION is returned, the error information is retrieved from the EXCEPINFO structure passed to IDispatch::Invoke. The error code can either be a 16-bit value stored in the wCode member of the EXCEPINFO structure or a full 32-bit value in the scode member of the EXCEPINFO structure. If a 16-bit wCode is returned, it must first be mapped to a 32-bit failure HRESULT.

END Microsoft Specific

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