CDynamicAccessor Class

Allows you to access a data source when you have no knowledge of the database schema (the database's underlying structure).


class CDynamicAccessor : public CAccessorBase  



AddBindEntry Adds a bind entry to the output columns when overriding the default accessor.
CDynamicAccessor Instantiates and initializes the CDynamicAccessor object.
Close Unbinds all the columns, releases the allocated memory, and releases the IAccessor interface pointer in the class.
GetBookmark Retrieves the bookmark for the current row.
GetBlobHandling Retrieves the BLOB handling value for the current row.
GetBlobSizeLimit Retrieves the maximum BLOB size in bytes.
GetColumnCount Retrieves the number of columns in the rowset.
GetColumnFlags Retrieves the column characteristics.
GetColumnInfo Retrieves the column metadata.
GetColumnName Retrieves the name of a specified column.
GetColumnType Retrieves the data type of a specified column.
GetLength Retrieves the maximum possible length of a column in bytes.
GetOrdinal Retrieves the column index given a column name.
GetStatus Retrieves the status of a specified column.
GetValue Retrieves the data from the buffer.
SetBlobHandling Sets the BLOB handling value for the current row.
SetBlobSizeLimit Sets the maximum BLOB size in bytes.
SetLength Sets the length of the column in bytes.
SetStatus Sets the status of a specified column.
SetValue Stores the data to the buffer.


Use CDynamicAccessor methods to obtain column information such as column names, column count, data type, and so on. You then use this column information to create an accessor dynamically at run time.

The column information is stored in a buffer that is created and managed by this class. Obtain data from the buffer using GetValue.

For a discussion and examples of using the dynamic accessor classes, see Using Dynamic Accessors.


Header: atldbcli.h

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