Compiler Warning (level 4) C4062

enumerator 'identifier' in switch of enum 'enumeration' is not handled

The enumerator identifier has no associated case handler in a switch statement, and there's no default label that can catch it. The missing case may be an oversight, and is a potential error in your code. For a related warning on unused enumerators in switch statements that have a default case, see C4061.

This warning is off by default. For more information about how to enable warnings that are off by default, see Compiler Warnings That Are Off by Default.


The following sample generates C4062, and shows how to fix it:

// C4062.cpp
// compile with: /EHsc /W4
#pragma warning(default : 4062)
enum E { a, b, c };
void func ( E e ) {
   switch(e) {
      case a:
      case b:
   // case c:  // to fix, uncomment this line
      break;   // no default label
   }   // C4062, enumerator 'c' not handled

int main() {

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