Microsoft Specific

Writes the specified value to the specified field in the current virtual machine control structure (VMCS).


unsigned char __vmx_vmwrite(
   size_t Field,
   size_t FieldValue


Parameter Description
Field [in] The VMCS field to write.
FieldValue [in] The value to write to the VMCS field.

Return Value

0 The operation succeeded.

1 The operation failed with extended status available in the VM-instruction error field of the current VMCS.

2 The operation failed without status available.


The __vmx_vmwrite function is equivalent to the VMWRITE machine instruction. The value of the Field parameter is an encoded field index that is described in Intel documentation. For more information, search for the document, "Intel Virtualization Technical Specification for the IA-32 Intel Architecture," document number C97063-002, at the Intel Corporation site, and then consult Appendix C of that document.


Intrinsic Architecture
__vmx_vmwrite x64

Header file <intrin.h>

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