Connect to your remote Linux computer

When building a C++ Linux project in Visual Studio, Linux code is copied to your remote Linux computer and then compiled based on Visual Studio settings. To set up this remote connection:

  1. Build the project for the first time or manually create a new entry by selecting Tools > Options and then open the Cross Platform > Connection Manager node and click the Add button.

    Connection Manager

    In either scenario, the Connect to Remote System window will be displayed.

    Connect to Remote System

  2. Enter the following information:

    Entry Description
    Host Name Name or IP address of your target device
    Port Port that the SSH service is running on, typically 22
    User name User to authenticate as
    Authentication type Password or Private Key are both supported
    Password Password for the entered user name
    Private key file Private key file created for ssh connection
    Passphrase Passphrase used with private key selected above
  3. Click the Connect button to attempt a connection to the remote computer. If the connection fails, the entry boxes which need to be changed will be outlined in red.

    Connection Manager Error