Methods of Creating Tool Tips

MFC provides three classes to create and manage the tool tip control: CWnd, CToolBarCtrl, CToolTipCtrl and CMFCToolTipCtrl. The tool tip member functions in these classes wrap the Windows common control API. Class CToolBarCtrl and class CToolTipCtrl are derived from class CWnd.

CWnd provides four member functions to create and manage tool tips: EnableToolTips, CancelToolTips, FilterToolTipMessage, and OnToolHitTest. See these individual member functions for more information about how they implement tool tips.

If you create a toolbar using CToolBarCtrl, you can implement tool tips for that toolbar directly using the following member functions: GetToolTips and SetToolTips. See these individual member functions and Handling Tool Tip Notifications for more information about how they implement tool tips.

The CToolTipCtrl class provides the functionality of the Windows common tool tip control. A single tool tip control can provide information for more than one tool. A tool is either a window, such as a child window or control, or an application-defined rectangular area within a window's client area. The CMFCToolTipCtrl class derives from CToolTipCtrl and provides additional visual styles and functionality.

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