Adding an MFC Class

To add classes derived from Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) library classes to your project, use the Add Class command available from Class View. Specify the name of the new class, select the base class, and select the ID of the dialog box with which it is associated (if any). The code wizard creates a header file and an implementation file and adds them to your project.


You can add MFC classes to an ATL COM application if you initially created the application with MFC support. You can also add MFC classes to Win32 projects that have MFC support.

To add an MFC class to your project

  1. From Class View, right-click the project name. Click Add and then click Add Class to open the Add Class dialog box.

  2. In the Templates pane, select MFC Class and press the Add button.

  3. Define the settings for the new class in the MFC Class Wizard dialog box.

  4. Click Finish to close the wizard and view the new class in Class View. You can also view the files created by the wizard in Solution Explorer.

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