DEVNAMES Structure

The DEVNAMES structure contains strings that identify the driver, device, and output-port names for a printer.


typedef struct tagDEVNAMES { /* dvnm */
    WORD wDriverOffset;
    WORD wDeviceOffset;
    WORD wOutputOffset;
    WORD wDefault; */* driver,
    and port-name strings follow wDefault */


(Input/Output) Specifies the offset in characters to a null-terminated string that contains the filename (without the extension) of the device driver. On input, this string is used to determine the printer to display initially in the dialog box.

(Input/Output) Specifies the offset in characters to the null-terminated string (maximum of 32 bytes including the null) that contains the name of the device. This string must be identical to the dmDeviceName member of the DEVMODE structure.

(Input/Output) Specifies the offset in characters to the null-terminated string that contains the DOS device name for the physical output medium (output port).

Specifies whether the strings contained in the DEVNAMES structure identify the default printer. This string is used to verify that the default printer has not changed since the last print operation. On input, if the DN_DEFAULTPRN flag is set, the other values in the DEVNAMES structure are checked against the current default printer. If any of the strings do not match, a warning message is displayed informing the user that the document may need to be reformatted. On output, the wDefault member is changed only if the Print Setup dialog box was displayed and the user chose the OK button. The DN_DEFAULTPRN flag is set if the default printer was selected. If a specific printer is selected, the flag is not set. All other bits in this member are reserved for internal use by the Print Dialog box procedure.


The PrintDlg function uses these strings to initialize members in the system-defined Print dialog box. When the user closes the dialog box, information about the selected printer is returned in this structure.


Header: commdlg.h

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