Visual C++ Help and Community

Here's where to get help and information about how to write C++ code and use the Visual Studio development tools.


Title Description
Developer Code Samples Contains downloadable sample code from Microsoft and community contributors.

Product Documentation

Title Description
C++ in Visual Studio Contains reference and conceptual documentation about Visual C++.
Windows Developer Center Contains information about how to use C++ and other languages to develop apps for Windows 10. Part of the Windows Developer Center; the C++ content is under the Docs > Language Reference node.

Online and Offline Documentation

You can view Microsoft developer content online. This content is updated regularly.

You can also download and view the content locally in the offline Help Viewer. The offline documentation is organized by books of related content, which are also updated periodically. You can download the books you are interested in as they become available. For more information, see Microsoft Help Viewer.

Many sections of the documentation are also available in PDF form. These sections have a Download PDF link on included pages on

Title Description
C++ Team Blog Contains posts on various subjects by the experts on Microsoft's C++ product team.
Channel 9 Contains video interviews and lectures. Use the search box on the Channel 9 home page to find C++ content.
Visual Studio Contains articles and news about Visual Studio and related development tools.
Microsoft Docs Q&A and Visual Studio C++ Developer Community Official Microsoft forums where you can post questions about C++ and get answers from Microsoft and from experts in the community.