unchecked_array_iterator Class

The unchecked_array_iterator class allows you to wrap an array or pointer into an unchecked iterator. Use this class as a wrapper (using the make_unchecked_array_iterator function) for raw pointers or arrays as a targeted way to manage unchecked pointer warnings instead of globally silencing these warnings. If possible, prefer the checked version of this class, checked_array_iterator.


This class is a Microsoft extension of the C++ Standard Library. Code implemented by using this function is not portable to C++ Standard build environments that do not support this Microsoft extension.


template <class Iterator>
class unchecked_array_iterator;


This class is defined in the stdext namespace.

This is the unchecked version of the checked_array_iterator Class and supports all the same overloads and members. For more information on the checked iterator feature with code examples, see Checked Iterators.


Header: <iterator>

Namespace: stdext

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