threading (C++)

Specifies the threading model for a COM object.


[ threading(model=enumeration) ]


(Optional) One of the following threading models:

  • apartment (apartment threading)

  • neutral (.NET Framework components with no user interface)

  • single (simple threading)

  • free (free threading)

  • both (apartment and free threading)

The default value is apartment.


The threading C++ attribute does not appear in the generated .idl file but will be used in the implementation of your COM object.

In ATL projects, If the coclass attribute is also present, the threading model specified by model is passed as the template parameter to the CComObjectRootEx class, inserted by the coclass attribute.

The threading attribute also guards access to an event_source.


See the licensed example for a sample use of threading.


Attribute Context

Applies to class, struct
Repeatable No
Required attributes coclass
Invalid attributes None

For more information about the attribute contexts, see Attribute Contexts.

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