FtmBase Class

Represents a free-threaded marshaler object.


class FtmBase : public Microsoft::WRL::Implements<  
   Microsoft::WRL::CloakedIid<IMarshal> >;  


For more information, see RuntimeClass Class.


Public Constructors

Name Description
FtmBase::FtmBase Constructor Initializes a new instance of the FtmBase class.

Public Methods

Name Description
FtmBase::CreateGlobalInterfaceTable Method Creates a global interface table (GIT).
FtmBase::DisconnectObject Method Forcibly releases all external connections to an object. The object's server calls the object's implementation of this method prior to shutting down.
FtmBase::GetMarshalSizeMax Method Get the upper bound on the number of bytes needed to marshal the specified interface pointer on the specified object.
FtmBase::GetUnmarshalClass Method Gets the CLSID that COM uses to locate the DLL containing the code for the corresponding proxy. COM loads this DLL to create an uninitialized instance of the proxy.
FtmBase::MarshalInterface Method Writes into a stream the data required to initialize a proxy object in some client process.
FtmBase::ReleaseMarshalData Method Destroys a marshaled data packet.
FtmBase::UnmarshalInterface Method Initializes a newly created proxy and returns an interface pointer to that proxy.

Public Data Members

Name Description
FtmBase::marshaller_ Data Member Holds a reference to the free threaded marshaler.

Inheritance Hierarchy



Header: ftm.h

Namespace: Microsoft::WRL

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