Icons and Cursors: Image Resources for Display Devices (C++ Image Editor for Icons)

Icons and cursors are graphical resources that can contain multiple images in different sizes and color schemes for different types of display devices. In addition, a cursor has a "hot spot," the location Windows uses to track its position. Both icons and cursors are created and edited using the Image editor, as are bitmaps and other images.

When you create a new icon or cursor, the Image editor first creates an image of a standard type. The image is initially filled with the screen (transparent) color. If the image is a cursor, the hot spot is initially the upper-left corner (coordinates 0,0).

By default, the Image editor supports the creation of additional images for the devices shown in the following table. You can create images for other devices by typing width, height, and color-count parameters into the Custom Image dialog box.


Using the Image Editor, you can view 32-bit images, but you cannot edit them.

Color Width (pixels) Height (pixels)
Monochrome 16 16
Monochrome 32 32
Monochrome 48 48
Monochrome 64 64
Monochrome 96 96
16 16 16
16 32 32
16 64 64
16 48 48
16 96 96
256 16 16
256 32 32
256 48 48
256 64 64
256 96 96

For information on adding resources to managed projects, please see Resources in Desktop Apps in the .NET Framework Developer's Guide. For information on manually adding resource files to managed projects, accessing resources, displaying static resources, and assigning resource strings to properties, see Creating Resource Files for Desktop Apps. For information on globalization and localization of resources in managed apps, see Globalizing and Localizing .NET Framework Applications.



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