Connect Dropbox to Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps


We've renamed Microsoft Cloud App Security. It's now called Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps. In the coming weeks, we'll update the screenshots and instructions here and in related pages. For more information about the change, see this announcement. To learn more about the recent renaming of Microsoft security services, see the Microsoft Ignite Security blog.

This article provides instructions for connecting Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps to your existing Dropbox account using the connector APIs. This connection gives you visibility into and control over Dropbox use. For information about how Defender for Cloud Apps protects Dropbox, see Protect Dropbox.

Because Dropbox enables access to files from shared links without signing in, Defender for Cloud Apps registers these users as Unauthenticated users. If you see unauthenticated Dropbox users, it may indicate users who aren't from your organization, or they might be recognized users from within your organization who didn't sign in.

How to connect Dropbox to Defender for Cloud Apps

  1. In the Defender for Cloud Apps console, click Investigate and then Connected apps.

  2. In the App connectors page, click the plus button followed by Dropbox.

    connect dropbox.

  3. In the pop-up, enter the admin account email address.

  4. Click Generate link.

  5. Click Follow this link.

    The Dropbox sign in page opens. Enter your credentials to allow Defender for Cloud Apps access to your team's Dropbox instance.

  6. Dropbox asks you if you want to allow Defender for Cloud Apps access to your team information, activity log, and perform activities as a team member. To proceed, click Allow.

  7. Back in the Defender for Cloud Apps console, you should receive a message that Dropbox was successfully connected.

  8. Make sure the connection succeeded by clicking Test API.

    Testing may take a couple of minutes. After you receive a success notice, click Close.

After connecting Dropbox, you'll receive events for 60 days prior to connection.


Any Dropbox events for adding a file are displayed in Defender for Cloud Apps as Upload file to align to all other apps connected to Defender for Cloud Apps.

If you have any problems connecting the app, see Troubleshooting App Connectors.

Next steps

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