Configure Sites on the Enterprise Mode Site List

This article describes changes to the Enterprise Mode Site List that support configuring IE mode for Microsoft Edge version 77 and later.

For more information on the schema for the Enterprise Mode Site List XML file, see Enterprise Mode schema v.2 guidance.


This article applies to Microsoft Edge Stable, Beta and Dev Channels, version 77 or later.

Updated schema elements

The following table describes the <open-in app> element added to the v.2 of the Enterprise Mode schema:

Element Description
<open-in app="true"> A child element that controls what browser is used for sites. This element is required for sites that need to open in IE11.


<site url="">

  <open-in app="true">IE11</open-in>


The following table shows the possible values of the <open-in> element:

Value Description
<open-in>IE11</open-in> Opens the site in IE mode or a full IE11 window. To enable IE mode, see Configure IE mode policies
<open-in app="true">IE11</open-in> Opens the site in a full IE11 window
<open-in>MSEdge</open-in> Opens the site in Microsoft Edge
<open-in>None or not specified</open-in> Opens the site in the default browser or in the browser where the user navigated to the site.
<open-in>Configurable</open-in> Allows the site to participate in IE mode engine determination. To learn more, see Learn about Configurable sites in IE mode.


The attribute app="true" is only recognized when associated to 'open-in' IE11. Adding it to the other 'open-in' elements won't change browser behavior.

Configure neutral sites

In order for IE mode to work properly, authentication / Single Sign-On servers will need to be explicitly configured as neutral sites. Otherwise, IE mode pages will try to redirect to Microsoft Edge, and authentication will fail.

A neutral site will use the browser where the navigation started - either Microsoft Edge or IE mode. Configuring neutral sites ensures that all applications using these authentication servers, both modern and legacy, continue to work.

You can configure neutral sites by setting the Open In dropdown to 'None' in the Enterprise Mode Site List Manager tool or by directly updating the site list XML:

<site url="">


To identify authentication servers, inspect the network traffic from an application using the IE11 Developer Tools. If you need more time to identify your authentication servers, you can configure a policy to keep all in-page navigation in IE mode. To minimize the use of IE mode, disable this setting once you've identified and added your authentication servers to the site list. For more information, see Configure in-page navigation to remain in IE mode.


Enterprise Mode schema v.1 isn't supported for IE mode integration. If you are currently using schema v.1 with Internet Explorer 11, you must upgrade to schema v.2. For more information, see Enterprise Mode schema v.2 guidance.

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