Overview of the Microsoft Edge channels

One of the benefits of the next version of Microsoft Edge is that Microsoft can provide new features on a regular basis. However, as the admin who deploys Microsoft Edge to the users in your organization, you might want to have more control over how often your users get these new features. Microsoft provides you four options, called channels, to control how often Microsoft Edge is updated with new features. Here's an overview of the four options.

For more information on support for each channel read: Microsoft Edge Lifecycle


This article applies to Microsoft Edge version 77 or later.

Channel overview

Channel Primary purpose How often updated with new features Supported?
Stable Broad Deployment ~6 weeks Yes
Beta Representative validation in the organization ~6 weeks Yes
Dev Planning and developing Weekly No
Canary Bleeding edge content Daily No

Which update channel you decide to deploy to your users depends on several factors, such as how many line of business applications the user leverages and that you need to test any time they have an updated version of Microsoft Edge. To help you make this decision, review the following information about the four update channels that are available for Microsoft Edge.

Stable Channel

The Stable Channel is intended for broad deployment in your organization, and it is the channel that most users should be on. It is the most stable of the channels and is the a result of the stabilization of the feature set available in the prior Beta Channel release. New features ship about every 6 weeks. Security and quality updates ship as needed. A release from the Stable Channel is serviced until the next release from the channel is available.

Beta Channel

The Beta Channel is intended for production deployment in your organization to a representative sample set of users. It is a supported release, and each release from Beta is serviced until the next release from this channel is available. This is a great opportunity to validate that things work as expected in your environment, and if you encounter an issue have it remediated prior to the release going publishing to the Stable Channel. New features ship about every 6 weeks. Security and quality updates ship as needed.

Dev Channel

The Dev Channel is intended to help you plan and develop with the latest capabilities of Microsoft Edge, but with higher quality than the Canary Channel. This is your opportunity to get an early look at what is coming next and prepare for the next Beta release.

Canary Channel

The Canary Channel ships daily and is the most bleeding edge of all the channels. If you want access to the newest investments then they will appear here first. Because of the nature of this cadence problems will arise overtime, so you may want another channel installed side by side if you are leveraging the Canary releases.

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