ContextWrapper.BindService(Intent, IServiceConnection, Bind) ContextWrapper.BindService(Intent, IServiceConnection, Bind) Method


Connect to an application service, creating it if needed.

[Android.Runtime.Register("bindService", "(Landroid/content/Intent;Landroid/content/ServiceConnection;I)Z", "GetBindService_Landroid_content_Intent_Landroid_content_ServiceConnection_IHandler")]
public override bool BindService (Android.Content.Intent service, Android.Content.IServiceConnection conn, Android.Content.Bind flags);
override this.BindService : Android.Content.Intent * Android.Content.IServiceConnection * Android.Content.Bind -> bool


Intent Intent

Identifies the service to connect to. The Intent may specify either an explicit component name, or a logical description (action, category, etc) to match an IntentFilter published by a service.

IServiceConnection IServiceConnection

Receives information as the service is started and stopped. This must be a valid ServiceConnection object; it must not be null.



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