Format Format Enum


Enumerates values returned by several types and taken as a parameter of several types.

public enum Format
type Format = 


A8 A8 8
Jpeg Jpeg 256
L8 L8 9
La88 La88 10
Opaque Opaque -1
Rgb332 Rgb332 11
Rgb565 Rgb565 4
Rgb888 Rgb888 3
Rgba1010102 Rgba1010102 43
Rgba4444 Rgba4444 7
Rgba5551 Rgba5551 6
Rgba8888 Rgba8888 1
RgbaF16 RgbaF16 22
Rgbx8888 Rgbx8888 2
Translucent Translucent -3
Transparent Transparent -2
Unknown Unknown 0
Ycbcr420Sp Ycbcr420Sp 17
Ycbcr422I Ycbcr422I 20
Ycbcr422Sp Ycbcr422Sp 16


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