MediaInfo MediaInfo Enum


Enumerates values returned by several types and taken as a parameter of the F:Android.Media.MediaPlayer+IOnInfoListener.OnInfo, and F:Android.Media.MediaPlayer+InfoEventArgs..ctor members.

public enum MediaInfo
type MediaInfo = 


AudioNotPlaying AudioNotPlaying 804
BadInterleaving BadInterleaving 800

Bad interleaving means that a media has been improperly interleaved or not interleaved at all, e.g has all the video samples first then all the audio ones.

BufferingEnd BufferingEnd 702

MediaPlayer is resuming playback after filling buffers.

BufferingStart BufferingStart 701

MediaPlayer is temporarily pausing playback internally in order to buffer more data.

MetadataUpdate MetadataUpdate 802

A new set of metadata is available.

NotSeekable NotSeekable 801
SubtitleTimedOut SubtitleTimedOut 902
Unknown Unknown 1

Unspecified media player info.

UnsupportedSubtitle UnsupportedSubtitle 901
VideoNotPlaying VideoNotPlaying 805
VideoRenderingStart VideoRenderingStart 3

The player just pushed the very first video frame for rendering.

VideoTrackLagging VideoTrackLagging 700

The video is too complex for the decoder: it can't decode frames fast enough.


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