FeedbackConstants FeedbackConstants Enum


Enumerates values returned by the KeyboardTap, LongPress, and VirtualKey members and taken as a parameter of the F:Android.Views.View.PerformHapticFeedback, and F:Android.Views.View.PerformHapticFeedback members.

public enum FeedbackConstants
type FeedbackConstants = 


ClockTick ClockTick 4
ContextClick ContextClick 6
KeyboardPress KeyboardPress 3
KeyboardRelease KeyboardRelease 7
KeyboardTap KeyboardTap 3

The user has pressed a soft keyboard key.

LongPress LongPress 0

The user has performed a long press on an object that is resulting in an action being performed.

TextHandleMove TextHandleMove 9
VirtualKey VirtualKey 1

The user has pressed on a virtual on-screen key.

VirtualKeyRelease VirtualKeyRelease 8


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