IMenu.SetGroupCheckable(Int32, Boolean, Boolean) IMenu.SetGroupCheckable(Int32, Boolean, Boolean) Method


Control whether a particular group of items can show a check mark.

[Android.Runtime.Register("setGroupCheckable", "(IZZ)V", "GetSetGroupCheckable_IZZHandler:Android.Views.IMenuInvoker, Mono.Android, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null")]
public void SetGroupCheckable (int group, bool checkable, bool exclusive);
abstract member SetGroupCheckable : int * bool * bool -> unit


Int32 Int32

The group of items to operate on.

Boolean Boolean

Set to true to allow a check mark, false to disallow. The default is false.

Boolean Boolean

If set to true, only one item in this group can be checked at a time; checking an item will automatically uncheck all others in the group. If set to false, each item can be checked independently of the others.


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