CGPDFDictionary CGPDFDictionary Class


Represents a PDF Dictionary.

public class CGPDFDictionary : ObjCRuntime.INativeObject
type CGPDFDictionary = class
    interface INativeObject


Dictionaries are used extensively in the PDF file format.

Instances of this class represent dictionaries in your documents

and the methods in this class can be used to look up the values in

the dictionary or iterate over all of the elements of



CGPDFDictionary(IntPtr) CGPDFDictionary(IntPtr)

A constructor used when creating managed representations of unmanaged objects.


Count Count

The number of items on this dictionary.

Handle Handle

Handle (pointer) to the unmanaged object representation.


Apply(Action<String,CGPDFObject>) Apply(Action<String,CGPDFObject>)
Apply(CGPDFDictionary+ApplyCallback, Object) Apply(CGPDFDictionary+ApplyCallback, Object)
GetArray(String, CGPDFArray) GetArray(String, CGPDFArray)

Looks up an array value by name on the dictionary.

GetBoolean(String, Boolean) GetBoolean(String, Boolean)

Looks up a boolean value by name on the dictionary.

GetDictionary(String, CGPDFDictionary) GetDictionary(String, CGPDFDictionary)

Looks up a dictionary value by name on the dictionary.

GetFloat(String, nfloat) GetFloat(String, nfloat)

Looks up a float value by name on the dictionary.

GetInt(String, nint) GetInt(String, nint)

Looks up an integer value by name on the dictionary.

GetName(String, String) GetName(String, String)

Looks up a name in the dictionary.

GetStream(String, CGPDFStream) GetStream(String, CGPDFStream)

Looks up a CGPDFStream in the dictionary.

GetString(String, String) GetString(String, String)

Looks up a string in the dictionary.

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