Device.Styles Device.Styles Class


Class that exposes device-specific styles as static fields.

public static class Device.Styles
type Device.Styles = class


BodyStyle BodyStyle

The device-specific body style.

BodyStyleKey BodyStyleKey

The key that identifies the device-specific Xamarin.Forms.Device+Styles.BodyStyle in the base resource.

CaptionStyle CaptionStyle

The device-specific caption style.

CaptionStyleKey CaptionStyleKey

The key that identifies the device-specific Xamarin.Forms.Device+Styles.CaptionStyle in the base resource.

ListItemDetailTextStyle ListItemDetailTextStyle

The device-specific style for detail text in list items.

ListItemDetailTextStyleKey ListItemDetailTextStyleKey

The key that identifies the device-specific Xamarin.Forms.Device+Styles.ListItemDetailTextStyle in the base resource.

ListItemTextStyle ListItemTextStyle

The device-specific style for text in list items.

ListItemTextStyleKey ListItemTextStyleKey

The key that identifies the device-specific Xamarin.Forms.Device+Styles.ListItemTextStyle in the base resource.

SubtitleStyle SubtitleStyle

The device-specific subtitle style.

SubtitleStyleKey SubtitleStyleKey

The key that identifies the device-specific Xamarin.Forms.Device+Styles.SubtitleStyle in the base resource.

TitleStyle TitleStyle

The device-specific title style.

TitleStyleKey TitleStyleKey

The key that identifies the device-specific Xamarin.Forms.Device+Styles.TitleStyle in the base resource.

Extension Methods

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