RoutingEffect RoutingEffect Class


Platform-independent effect that wraps an inner effect, which is usually platform-specific.

public class RoutingEffect : Xamarin.Forms.Effect
type RoutingEffect = class
    inherit Effect


RoutingEffect(String) RoutingEffect(String)

Creates a new routing effect with the specified effectId.


OnAttached() OnAttached()

Method that is called after the effect is attached and made valid.

OnDetached() OnDetached()

Method that is called after the effect is detached and invalidated.


Element Element

Gets the element to which the style is attached.

(Inherited from Effect)
IsAttached IsAttached

Gets a value that tells whether the effect is attached to an element.

(Inherited from Effect)
ResolveId ResolveId

Gets the ID that is used to resolve this effect at runtime.

(Inherited from Effect)

Extension Methods

LoadFromXaml<TXaml>(TXaml, String) LoadFromXaml<TXaml>(TXaml, String)

Returns an initialized view by loading the specified xaml.

LoadFromXaml<TXaml>(TXaml, Type) LoadFromXaml<TXaml>(TXaml, Type)

Returns a TXaml with the properties that are defined in the application manifest for callingType.

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