SettersExtensions SettersExtensions Class


Defines extensions methods for IList<Setter>

public static class SettersExtensions
type SettersExtensions = class



Add(IList<Setter>, BindableProperty, Object) Add(IList<Setter>, BindableProperty, Object)

Add a Setter with a value to the IList<Setter>

AddBinding(IList<Setter>, BindableProperty, Binding) AddBinding(IList<Setter>, BindableProperty, Binding)

Add a Setter with a Binding to the IList<Setter>

AddDynamicResource(IList<Setter>, BindableProperty, String) AddDynamicResource(IList<Setter>, BindableProperty, String)

Add a Setter with a DynamicResource to the IList<Setter>

Extension Methods

LoadFromXaml<TXaml>(TXaml, String) LoadFromXaml<TXaml>(TXaml, String)

Returns an initialized view by loading the specified xaml.

LoadFromXaml<TXaml>(TXaml, Type) LoadFromXaml<TXaml>(TXaml, Type)

Returns a TXaml with the properties that are defined in the application manifest for callingType.

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