TemplateExtensions TemplateExtensions Class


Extension class for DataTemplate, providing a string-based shortcut method for defining a Binding.

public static class TemplateExtensions
type TemplateExtensions = class


SetBinding(DataTemplate, BindableProperty, String) SetBinding(DataTemplate, BindableProperty, String)

Binds the self object's targetProperty to a new Binding instance that was created with path.

Extension Methods

LoadFromXaml<TXaml>(TXaml, String) LoadFromXaml<TXaml>(TXaml, String)

Returns an initialized view by loading the specified xaml.

LoadFromXaml<TXaml>(TXaml, Type) LoadFromXaml<TXaml>(TXaml, Type)

Returns a TXaml with the properties that are defined in the application manifest for callingType.

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