AndroidAppConfigurator AndroidAppConfigurator AndroidAppConfigurator Class


Represents the Android specific part of the ConfigureApp fluent API. Should not be used directly.

public class AndroidAppConfigurator : Xamarin.UITest.Utils.IFluentInterface
type AndroidAppConfigurator = class
    interface IFluentInterface
Public Class AndroidAppConfigurator
Implements IFluentInterface


AndroidAppConfigurator(GenericAppConfigurator) AndroidAppConfigurator(GenericAppConfigurator) AndroidAppConfigurator(GenericAppConfigurator)

Part of the ConfigureApp fluent API. Should not be used directly.


ApiKey(String) ApiKey(String) ApiKey(String)

Deprecated (1.1): Will be removed. Sets the Xamarin Test Cloud api key to use for activation.

ApkFile(String) ApkFile(String) ApkFile(String)

Configures the apk file to use.

ConnectToApp() ConnectToApp() ConnectToApp()

Builds the configuration and connects to an already running app. Used for advanced scenarios. Regular users should use StartApp(AppDataMode) instead.

Debug() Debug() Debug()

Enables debug logging from the test runner.

DeviceIp(String) DeviceIp(String) DeviceIp(String)

Configures the ip address of the device. Generally best left unset unless you are running an iOS application on a physical device.

DevicePort(Int32) DevicePort(Int32) DevicePort(Int32)

Configures the port of the device. Generally best left unset.

DeviceSerial(String) DeviceSerial(String) DeviceSerial(String)

Configures the adb serial of the device. Generally best left unset unless you want to run a specific device.

DisableSpecFlowIntegration() DisableSpecFlowIntegration() DisableSpecFlowIntegration()

Disables automatic screenshot generation after each SpecFlow step.

EnableLocalScreenshots() EnableLocalScreenshots() EnableLocalScreenshots()

Enables local screenshot saving. Always enabled in the cloud.

GetConfiguration(StartAction, AppDataMode) GetConfiguration(StartAction, AppDataMode) GetConfiguration(StartAction, AppDataMode)

Builds the Android app configuration which can be used for input for AndroidApp. The StartApp(AppDataMode) and ConnectToApp() methods should be used instead unless you have specific needs for the configuration.

InstalledApp(String) InstalledApp(String) InstalledApp(String)

Configures the already installed app to use.

KeyStore(String, String, String, String) KeyStore(String, String, String, String) KeyStore(String, String, String, String)

Configures the keystore that the provided apk file is signed with. A keystore is not required, but will ensure that the apk file is pristine and unchanged. If a keystore is provided, it will be used to sign the auxiliary apks installed along with the app on the device. If a keystore is not provided, Xamarin.UITest will generate a keystore and resign the apk.

LaunchableActivity(String) LaunchableActivity(String) LaunchableActivity(String)

Configures the activity to launch.

LogDirectory(String) LogDirectory(String) LogDirectory(String)

Sets the directory to store local log files in

PreferIdeSettings() PreferIdeSettings() PreferIdeSettings()

Always uses settings from IDE if they're present, overriding other configured values. If not set, explicit configuration will disable IDE integration.

SigningInfoFile(String) SigningInfoFile(String) SigningInfoFile(String)

Configures the signing info file that the test server will be "signed" with. A signing info file is not required, but can be used instead of a keystore for signing the test server. The signing info file can be freely shared without the risk of leaking keying material. The signing info file can be generated using the console tool.

StartApp(AppDataMode) StartApp(AppDataMode) StartApp(AppDataMode)

Builds the configuration and launches the app on the selected device.

WaitTimes(IWaitTimes) WaitTimes(IWaitTimes) WaitTimes(IWaitTimes)

Configures the default wait times for the framework.

Explicit Interface Implementations

IFluentInterface.GetType() IFluentInterface.GetType() IFluentInterface.GetType()

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