AccessibilityServiceFlags Enum



This enumeration has a FlagsAttribute attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum AccessibilityServiceFlags
type AccessibilityServiceFlags = 


Default 1

If an AccessibilityServiceis the default for a given type. Default service is invoked only if no package specific one exists.

EnableAccessibilityVolume 128
IncludeNotImportantViews 2

If this flag is set the system will regard views that are not important for accessibility in addition to the ones that are important for accessibility.

ReportViewIds 16
RequestAccessibilityButton 256
RequestEnhancedWebAccessibility 8

This flag requests from the system to enable web accessibility enhancing extensions.

RequestFilterKeyEvents 32

This flag requests from the system to filter key events.

RequestFingerprintGestures 512
RequestTouchExplorationMode 4

This flag requests that the system gets into touch exploration mode. In this mode a single finger moving on the screen behaves as a mouse pointer hovering over the user interface.

RetrieveInteractiveWindows 64


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