Fragment.OnActivityResult(Int32, Result, Intent) Fragment.OnActivityResult(Int32, Result, Intent) Method


Receive the result from a previous call to StartActivityForResult(Intent, Int32).

[Android.Runtime.Register("onActivityResult", "(IILandroid/content/Intent;)V", "GetOnActivityResult_IILandroid_content_Intent_Handler")]
public virtual void OnActivityResult (int requestCode, Android.App.Result resultCode, Android.Content.Intent data);
abstract member OnActivityResult : int * Android.App.Result * Android.Content.Intent -> unit
override this.OnActivityResult : int * Android.App.Result * Android.Content.Intent -> unit


Int32 Int32

The integer request code originally supplied to startActivityForResult(), allowing you to identify who this result came from.

Result Result

The integer result code returned by the child activity through its setResult().

Intent Intent

An Intent, which can return result data to the caller (various data can be attached to Intent "extras").


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