Fragment.OnCreateView(LayoutInflater, ViewGroup, Bundle) Fragment.OnCreateView(LayoutInflater, ViewGroup, Bundle) Method


Called to have the fragment instantiate its user interface view.

[Android.Runtime.Register("onCreateView", "(Landroid/view/LayoutInflater;Landroid/view/ViewGroup;Landroid/os/Bundle;)Landroid/view/View;", "GetOnCreateView_Landroid_view_LayoutInflater_Landroid_view_ViewGroup_Landroid_os_Bundle_Handler")]
public virtual Android.Views.View OnCreateView (Android.Views.LayoutInflater inflater, Android.Views.ViewGroup container, Android.OS.Bundle savedInstanceState);
abstract member OnCreateView : Android.Views.LayoutInflater * Android.Views.ViewGroup * Android.OS.Bundle -> Android.Views.View
override this.OnCreateView : Android.Views.LayoutInflater * Android.Views.ViewGroup * Android.OS.Bundle -> Android.Views.View


LayoutInflater LayoutInflater

The LayoutInflater object that can be used to inflate any views in the fragment,

ViewGroup ViewGroup

If non-null, this is the parent view that the fragment's UI should be attached to. The fragment should not add the view itself, but this can be used to generate the LayoutParams of the view.

Bundle Bundle

If non-null, this fragment is being re-constructed from a previous saved state as given here.



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