IntentFilterAttribute IntentFilterAttribute Class


Generates the //intent-filter element within AndroidManifest.xml.

[System.AttributeUsage(System.AttributeTargets.Class, AllowMultiple=true, Inherited=false)]
public sealed class IntentFilterAttribute : Attribute
type IntentFilterAttribute = class
    inherit Attribute


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IntentFilterAttribute(String[]) IntentFilterAttribute(String[])

Constructs and initializes a new IntentFilterAttribute instance with the specified actions.


Actions Actions

The intent filter actions.

AutoVerify AutoVerify
Categories Categories

The intent filter categories.

DataHost DataHost

The host part of a URI authority.

DataHosts DataHosts
DataMimeType DataMimeType

A MIME media type, such as image/jpeg.

DataMimeTypes DataMimeTypes
DataPath DataPath

The path part of a URI.

DataPathPattern DataPathPattern

The path part of a URI.

DataPathPatterns DataPathPatterns
DataPathPrefix DataPathPrefix

The path part of a URI.

DataPathPrefixes DataPathPrefixes
DataPaths DataPaths
DataPort DataPort

The port part of a URI.

DataPorts DataPorts
DataScheme DataScheme

The scheme part of a URI.

DataSchemes DataSchemes
Icon Icon

A reference to a drawable resource containing the image definition.

Label Label

A user-readable label for the parent component.

Priority Priority

The intent filter's priority.

RoundIcon RoundIcon

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