ImageFormatType Enum


public enum ImageFormatType
type ImageFormatType = 


Depth16 1144402265
DepthPointCloud 257
FlexRgb888 41
FlexRgba8888 42
Jpeg 256

Encoded formats.

Nv16 16

YCbCr format, used for video.

Nv21 17

YCrCb format used for images, which uses the NV21 encoding format.

Private 34
Raw10 37
Raw12 38
RawPrivate 36
RawSensor 32
Rgb565 4

RGB format used for pictures encoded as RGB_565.

Unknown 0
Yuv420888 35
Yuv422888 39
Yuv444888 40
Yuy2 20

YCbCr format used for images, which uses YUYV (YUY2) encoding format. This is an alternative format for camera preview images.

Yv12 842094169


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