SensorType SensorType Enum


Enumerates values returned by several types and taken as a parameter of several types.

public enum SensorType
type SensorType = 


Accelerometer Accelerometer 1

A constant describing an accelerometer sensor type.

AccelerometerUncalibrated AccelerometerUncalibrated 35
All All -1

A constant describing all sensor types.

AmbientTemperature AmbientTemperature 13
DevicePrivateBase DevicePrivateBase 65536
GameRotationVector GameRotationVector 15

Identical to RotationVectorexcept that it doesn't use the geomagnetic field.

GeomagneticRotationVector GeomagneticRotationVector 20
Gravity Gravity 9

A constant describing a gravity sensor type. See SensorEventfor more details.

Gyroscope Gyroscope 4
GyroscopeUncalibrated GyroscopeUncalibrated 16

A constant describing a gyroscope uncalibrated sensor type.

HeartBeat HeartBeat 31
HeartRate HeartRate 21
Light Light 5

A constant describing a light sensor type.

LinearAcceleration LinearAcceleration 10

A constant describing a linear acceleration sensor type. See SensorEventfor more details.

LowLatencyOffbodyDetect LowLatencyOffbodyDetect 34
MagneticField MagneticField 2

A constant describing a magnetic field sensor type.

MagneticFieldUncalibrated MagneticFieldUncalibrated 14

A constant describing a magnetic field uncalibrated sensor type.

MotionDetect MotionDetect 30
Orientation Orientation 3

A constant describing an orientation sensor type.

Pose6dof Pose6dof 28
Pressure Pressure 6
Proximity Proximity 8

A constant describing a proximity sensor type.

RelativeHumidity RelativeHumidity 12

A constant describing a relative humidity sensor type. See SensorEventfor more details.

RotationVector RotationVector 11

A constant describing a rotation vector sensor type. See SensorEventfor more details.

SignificantMotion SignificantMotion 17

A constant describing the significant motion trigger sensor. See Valuesfor more details.

StationaryDetect StationaryDetect 29
StepCounter StepCounter 19
StepDetector StepDetector 18
Temperature Temperature 7


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