AudioRecord.IOnRecordPositionUpdateListener AudioRecord.IOnRecordPositionUpdateListener Interface


Interface definition for a callback to be invoked when an AudioRecord has reached a notification marker set by SetNotificationMarkerPosition(Int32) or for periodic updates on the progress of the record head, as set by SetPositionNotificationPeriod(Int32).

[Android.Runtime.Register("android/media/AudioRecord$OnRecordPositionUpdateListener", "", "Android.Media.AudioRecord/IOnRecordPositionUpdateListenerInvoker", ApiSince=3)]
public interface AudioRecord.IOnRecordPositionUpdateListener : Android.Runtime.IJavaObject, IDisposable
type AudioRecord.IOnRecordPositionUpdateListener = interface
    interface IJavaObject
    interface IDisposable


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OnMarkerReached(AudioRecord) OnMarkerReached(AudioRecord)

Called on the listener to notify it that the previously set marker has been reached by the recording head.

OnPeriodicNotification(AudioRecord) OnPeriodicNotification(AudioRecord)

Called on the listener to periodically notify it that the record head has reached a multiple of the notification period.


Handle Handle

Gets the JNI value of the underlying Android object.

(Inherited from IJavaObject)

Extension Methods

JavaCast<TResult>(IJavaObject) JavaCast<TResult>(IJavaObject)

Performs an Android runtime-checked type conversion.

JavaCast<TResult>(IJavaObject) JavaCast<TResult>(IJavaObject)

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