ChannelOut ChannelOut Enum


Enumerates values returned by several types and taken as a parameter of several types.

public enum ChannelOut
type ChannelOut = 


BackCenter BackCenter 1024
BackLeft BackLeft 64
BackRight BackRight 128
C7point1Surround C7point1Surround 6396
Default Default 1
FivePointOne FivePointOne 252
FrontCenter FrontCenter 16
FrontLeft FrontLeft 4
FrontLeftOfCenter FrontLeftOfCenter 256
FrontRight FrontRight 8
FrontRightOfCenter FrontRightOfCenter 512
LowFrequency LowFrequency 32
Mono Mono 4
None None 0
Quad Quad 204
SevenPointOne SevenPointOne 1020
SideLeft SideLeft 2048
SideRight SideRight 4096
Stereo Stereo 12
Surround Surround 1052


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