OsConstants OsConstants Class


Constants and helper functions for use with Os.

[Android.Runtime.Register("android/system/OsConstants", ApiSince=21, DoNotGenerateAcw=true)]
public sealed class OsConstants : Java.Lang.Object
type OsConstants = class
    inherit Object


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AfInet AfInet
AfInet6 AfInet6
AfUnix AfUnix
AfUnspec AfUnspec
AiAddrconfig AiAddrconfig
AiAll AiAll
AiCanonname AiCanonname
AiNumerichost AiNumerichost
AiNumericserv AiNumericserv
AiPassive AiPassive
AiV4mapped AiV4mapped
CapAuditControl CapAuditControl
CapAuditWrite CapAuditWrite
CapBlockSuspend CapBlockSuspend
CapChown CapChown
CapDacOverride CapDacOverride
CapDacReadSearch CapDacReadSearch
CapFowner CapFowner
CapFsetid CapFsetid
CapIpcLock CapIpcLock
CapIpcOwner CapIpcOwner
CapKill CapKill
CapLastCap CapLastCap
CapLease CapLease
CapLinuxImmutable CapLinuxImmutable
CapMacAdmin CapMacAdmin
CapMacOverride CapMacOverride
CapMknod CapMknod
CapNetAdmin CapNetAdmin
CapNetBindService CapNetBindService
CapNetBroadcast CapNetBroadcast
CapNetRaw CapNetRaw
CapSetfcap CapSetfcap
CapSetgid CapSetgid
CapSetpcap CapSetpcap
CapSetuid CapSetuid
CapSysAdmin CapSysAdmin
CapSysBoot CapSysBoot
CapSysChroot CapSysChroot
CapSyslog CapSyslog
CapSysModule CapSysModule
CapSysNice CapSysNice
CapSysPacct CapSysPacct
CapSysPtrace CapSysPtrace
CapSysRawio CapSysRawio
CapSysResource CapSysResource
CapSysTime CapSysTime
CapSysTtyConfig CapSysTtyConfig
CapWakeAlarm CapWakeAlarm
Class Class

Returns the unique instance of Class that represents this object's class.

(Inherited from Object)
E2big E2big
Eacces Eacces
Eaddrinuse Eaddrinuse
Eaddrnotavail Eaddrnotavail
Eafnosupport Eafnosupport
Eagain Eagain
EaiAgain EaiAgain
EaiBadflags EaiBadflags
EaiFail EaiFail
EaiFamily EaiFamily
EaiMemory EaiMemory
EaiNodata EaiNodata
EaiNoname EaiNoname
EaiOverflow EaiOverflow
EaiService EaiService
EaiSocktype EaiSocktype
EaiSystem EaiSystem
Ealready Ealready
Ebadf Ebadf
Ebadmsg Ebadmsg
Ebusy Ebusy
Ecanceled Ecanceled
Echild Echild
Econnaborted Econnaborted
Econnrefused Econnrefused
Econnreset Econnreset
Edeadlk Edeadlk
Edestaddrreq Edestaddrreq
Edom Edom
Edquot Edquot
Eexist Eexist
Efault Efault
Efbig Efbig
Ehostunreach Ehostunreach
Eidrm Eidrm
Eilseq Eilseq
Einprogress Einprogress
Eintr Eintr
Einval Einval
Eio Eio
Eisconn Eisconn
Eisdir Eisdir
Eloop Eloop
Emfile Emfile
Emlink Emlink
Emsgsize Emsgsize
Emultihop Emultihop
Enametoolong Enametoolong
Enetdown Enetdown
Enetreset Enetreset
Enetunreach Enetunreach
Enfile Enfile
Enobufs Enobufs
Enodata Enodata
Enodev Enodev
Enoent Enoent
Enoexec Enoexec
Enolck Enolck
Enolink Enolink
Enomem Enomem
Enomsg Enomsg
Enoprotoopt Enoprotoopt
Enospc Enospc
Enosr Enosr
Enostr Enostr
Enosys Enosys
Enotconn Enotconn
Enotdir Enotdir
Enotempty Enotempty
Enotsock Enotsock
Enotsup Enotsup
Enotty Enotty
Enxio Enxio
Eopnotsupp Eopnotsupp
Eoverflow Eoverflow
Eperm Eperm
Epipe Epipe
Eproto Eproto
Eprotonosupport Eprotonosupport
Eprototype Eprototype
Erange Erange
Erofs Erofs
Espipe Espipe
Esrch Esrch
Estale Estale
Etime Etime
Etimedout Etimedout
Etxtbsy Etxtbsy
Exdev Exdev
ExitFailure ExitFailure
ExitSuccess ExitSuccess
FdCloexec FdCloexec
FDupfd FDupfd
FDupfdCloexec FDupfdCloexec
FGetfd FGetfd
FGetfl FGetfl
FGetlk FGetlk
FGetlk64 FGetlk64
FGetown FGetown
Fionread Fionread
FRdlck FRdlck
FSetfd FSetfd
FSetfl FSetfl
FSetlk FSetlk
FSetlk64 FSetlk64
FSetlkw FSetlkw
FSetlkw64 FSetlkw64
FSetown FSetown
FUnlck FUnlck
FWrlck FWrlck
Handle Handle

The handle to the underlying Android instance.

(Inherited from Object)
IfaFDadfailed IfaFDadfailed
IfaFDeprecated IfaFDeprecated
IfaFHomeaddress IfaFHomeaddress
IfaFNodad IfaFNodad
IfaFOptimistic IfaFOptimistic
IfaFPermanent IfaFPermanent
IfaFSecondary IfaFSecondary
IfaFTemporary IfaFTemporary
IfaFTentative IfaFTentative
IffAllmulti IffAllmulti
IffAutomedia IffAutomedia
IffBroadcast IffBroadcast
IffDebug IffDebug
IffDynamic IffDynamic
IffLoopback IffLoopback
IffMaster IffMaster
IffMulticast IffMulticast
IffNoarp IffNoarp
IffNotrailers IffNotrailers
IffPointopoint IffPointopoint
IffPortsel IffPortsel
IffPromisc IffPromisc
IffRunning IffRunning
IffSlave IffSlave
IffUp IffUp
IJavaObjectEx.IsProxy IJavaObjectEx.IsProxy Inherited from Object
IJavaObjectEx.KeyHandle IJavaObjectEx.KeyHandle Inherited from Object
IJavaObjectEx.NeedsActivation IJavaObjectEx.NeedsActivation Inherited from Object
IJavaPeerable.JniManagedPeerState IJavaPeerable.JniManagedPeerState Inherited from Object
IpMulticastIf IpMulticastIf
IpMulticastLoop IpMulticastLoop
IpMulticastTtl IpMulticastTtl
IpprotoIcmp IpprotoIcmp
IpprotoIcmpv6 IpprotoIcmpv6
IpprotoIp IpprotoIp
IpprotoIpv6 IpprotoIpv6
IpprotoRaw IpprotoRaw
IpprotoTcp IpprotoTcp
IpprotoUdp IpprotoUdp
IpTos IpTos
IpTtl IpTtl
Ipv6Checksum Ipv6Checksum
Ipv6MulticastHops Ipv6MulticastHops
Ipv6MulticastIf Ipv6MulticastIf
Ipv6MulticastLoop Ipv6MulticastLoop
Ipv6Recvdstopts Ipv6Recvdstopts
Ipv6Recvhoplimit Ipv6Recvhoplimit
Ipv6Recvhopopts Ipv6Recvhopopts
Ipv6Recvpktinfo Ipv6Recvpktinfo
Ipv6Recvrthdr Ipv6Recvrthdr
Ipv6Recvtclass Ipv6Recvtclass
Ipv6Tclass Ipv6Tclass
Ipv6UnicastHops Ipv6UnicastHops
Ipv6V6only Ipv6V6only
JniIdentityHashCode JniIdentityHashCode Inherited from Object
JniPeerMembers JniPeerMembers
MapFixed MapFixed
MapPrivate MapPrivate
MapShared MapShared
McastBlockSource McastBlockSource
McastJoinGroup McastJoinGroup
McastJoinSourceGroup McastJoinSourceGroup
McastLeaveGroup McastLeaveGroup
McastLeaveSourceGroup McastLeaveSourceGroup
McastUnblockSource McastUnblockSource
MclCurrent MclCurrent
MclFuture MclFuture
MsAsync MsAsync
MsgCtrunc MsgCtrunc
MsgDontroute MsgDontroute
MsgEor MsgEor
MsgOob MsgOob
MsgPeek MsgPeek
MsgTrunc MsgTrunc
MsgWaitall MsgWaitall
MsInvalidate MsInvalidate
MsSync MsSync
NiDgram NiDgram
NiNamereqd NiNamereqd
NiNofqdn NiNofqdn
NiNumerichost NiNumerichost
NiNumericserv NiNumericserv
OAccmode OAccmode
OAppend OAppend
OCloexec OCloexec
OCreat OCreat
ODsync ODsync
OExcl OExcl
ONoctty ONoctty
ONofollow ONofollow
ONonblock ONonblock
ORdonly ORdonly
ORdwr ORdwr
OSync OSync
OTrunc OTrunc
OWronly OWronly
PeerReference PeerReference Inherited from Object
Pollerr Pollerr
Pollhup Pollhup
Pollin Pollin
Pollnval Pollnval
Pollout Pollout
Pollpri Pollpri
Pollrdband Pollrdband
Pollrdnorm Pollrdnorm
Pollwrband Pollwrband
Pollwrnorm Pollwrnorm
PrGetDumpable PrGetDumpable
ProtExec ProtExec
ProtNone ProtNone
ProtRead ProtRead
ProtWrite ProtWrite
PrSetDumpable PrSetDumpable
PrSetNoNewPrivs PrSetNoNewPrivs
RtScopeHost RtScopeHost
RtScopeLink RtScopeLink
RtScopeNowhere RtScopeNowhere
RtScopeSite RtScopeSite
RtScopeUniverse RtScopeUniverse
Sc2CBind Sc2CBind
Sc2CDev Sc2CDev
Sc2CharTerm Sc2CharTerm
Sc2CVersion Sc2CVersion
Sc2FortDev Sc2FortDev
Sc2FortRun Sc2FortRun
Sc2Localedef Sc2Localedef
Sc2SwDev Sc2SwDev
Sc2Upe Sc2Upe
Sc2Version Sc2Version
ScAioListioMax ScAioListioMax
ScAioMax ScAioMax
ScAioPrioDeltaMax ScAioPrioDeltaMax
ScArgMax ScArgMax
ScAsynchronousIo ScAsynchronousIo
ScAtexitMax ScAtexitMax
ScAvphysPages ScAvphysPages
ScBcBaseMax ScBcBaseMax
ScBcDimMax ScBcDimMax
ScBcScaleMax ScBcScaleMax
ScBcStringMax ScBcStringMax
ScChildMax ScChildMax
ScClkTck ScClkTck
ScCollWeightsMax ScCollWeightsMax
ScDelaytimerMax ScDelaytimerMax
ScExprNestMax ScExprNestMax
ScFsync ScFsync
ScGetgrRSizeMax ScGetgrRSizeMax
ScGetpwRSizeMax ScGetpwRSizeMax
ScIovMax ScIovMax
ScJobControl ScJobControl
ScLineMax ScLineMax
ScLoginNameMax ScLoginNameMax
ScMappedFiles ScMappedFiles
ScMemlock ScMemlock
ScMemlockRange ScMemlockRange
ScMemoryProtection ScMemoryProtection
ScMessagePassing ScMessagePassing
ScMqOpenMax ScMqOpenMax
ScMqPrioMax ScMqPrioMax
ScNgroupsMax ScNgroupsMax
ScNprocessorsConf ScNprocessorsConf
ScNprocessorsOnln ScNprocessorsOnln
ScOpenMax ScOpenMax
ScPageSize ScPageSize
ScPagesize ScPagesize
ScPassMax ScPassMax
ScPhysPages ScPhysPages
ScPrioritizedIo ScPrioritizedIo
ScPriorityScheduling ScPriorityScheduling
ScRealtimeSignals ScRealtimeSignals
ScReDupMax ScReDupMax
ScRtsigMax ScRtsigMax
ScSavedIds ScSavedIds
ScSemaphores ScSemaphores
ScSemNsemsMax ScSemNsemsMax
ScSemValueMax ScSemValueMax
ScSharedMemoryObjects ScSharedMemoryObjects
ScSigqueueMax ScSigqueueMax
ScStreamMax ScStreamMax
ScSynchronizedIo ScSynchronizedIo
ScThreadAttrStackaddr ScThreadAttrStackaddr
ScThreadAttrStacksize ScThreadAttrStacksize
ScThreadDestructorIterations ScThreadDestructorIterations
ScThreadKeysMax ScThreadKeysMax
ScThreadPrioInherit ScThreadPrioInherit
ScThreadPrioProtect ScThreadPrioProtect
ScThreadPriorityScheduling ScThreadPriorityScheduling
ScThreads ScThreads
ScThreadSafeFunctions ScThreadSafeFunctions
ScThreadStackMin ScThreadStackMin
ScThreadThreadsMax ScThreadThreadsMax
ScTimerMax ScTimerMax
ScTimers ScTimers
ScTtyNameMax ScTtyNameMax
ScTznameMax ScTznameMax
ScVersion ScVersion
ScXbs5Ilp32Off32 ScXbs5Ilp32Off32
ScXbs5Ilp32Offbig ScXbs5Ilp32Offbig
ScXbs5Lp64Off64 ScXbs5Lp64Off64
ScXbs5LpbigOffbig ScXbs5LpbigOffbig
ScXopenCrypt ScXopenCrypt
ScXopenEnhI18n ScXopenEnhI18n
ScXopenLegacy ScXopenLegacy
ScXopenRealtime ScXopenRealtime
ScXopenRealtimeThreads ScXopenRealtimeThreads
ScXopenShm ScXopenShm
ScXopenUnix ScXopenUnix
ScXopenVersion ScXopenVersion
ScXopenXcuVersion ScXopenXcuVersion
SeekCur SeekCur
SeekEnd SeekEnd
SeekSet SeekSet
ShutRd ShutRd
ShutRdwr ShutRdwr
ShutWr ShutWr
SIfblk SIfblk
SIfchr SIfchr
SIfdir SIfdir
SIfifo SIfifo
SIflnk SIflnk
SIfmt SIfmt
SIfreg SIfreg
SIfsock SIfsock
Sigabrt Sigabrt
Sigalrm Sigalrm
Sigbus Sigbus
Sigchld Sigchld
Sigcont Sigcont
Sigfpe Sigfpe
Sighup Sighup
Sigill Sigill
Sigint Sigint
Sigio Sigio
Sigkill Sigkill
Sigpipe Sigpipe
Sigprof Sigprof
Sigpwr Sigpwr
Sigquit Sigquit
Sigrtmax Sigrtmax
Sigrtmin Sigrtmin
Sigsegv Sigsegv
Sigstkflt Sigstkflt
Sigstop Sigstop
Sigsys Sigsys
Sigterm Sigterm
Sigtrap Sigtrap
Sigtstp Sigtstp
Sigttin Sigttin
Sigttou Sigttou
Sigurg Sigurg
Sigusr1 Sigusr1
Sigusr2 Sigusr2
Sigvtalrm Sigvtalrm
Sigwinch Sigwinch
Sigxcpu Sigxcpu
Sigxfsz Sigxfsz
Siocgifaddr Siocgifaddr
Siocgifbrdaddr Siocgifbrdaddr
Siocgifdstaddr Siocgifdstaddr
Siocgifnetmask Siocgifnetmask
SIrgrp SIrgrp
SIroth SIroth
SIrusr SIrusr
SIrwxg SIrwxg
SIrwxo SIrwxo
SIrwxu SIrwxu
SIsgid SIsgid
SIsuid SIsuid
SIsvtx SIsvtx
SIwgrp SIwgrp
SIwoth SIwoth
SIwusr SIwusr
SIxgrp SIxgrp
SIxoth SIxoth
SIxusr SIxusr
SoBindtodevice SoBindtodevice
SoBroadcast SoBroadcast
SockDgram SockDgram
SockRaw SockRaw
SockSeqpacket SockSeqpacket
SockStream SockStream
SoDebug SoDebug
SoDontroute SoDontroute
SoError SoError
SoKeepalive SoKeepalive
SoLinger SoLinger
SolSocket SolSocket
SoOobinline SoOobinline
SoPasscred SoPasscred
SoPeercred SoPeercred
SoRcvbuf SoRcvbuf
SoRcvlowat SoRcvlowat
SoRcvtimeo SoRcvtimeo
SoReuseaddr SoReuseaddr
SoSndbuf SoSndbuf
SoSndlowat SoSndlowat
SoSndtimeo SoSndtimeo
SoType SoType
StderrFileno StderrFileno
StdinFileno StdinFileno
StdoutFileno StdoutFileno
StMandlock StMandlock
StNoatime StNoatime
StNodev StNodev
StNodiratime StNodiratime
StNoexec StNoexec
StNosuid StNosuid
StRdonly StRdonly
StRelatime StRelatime
StSynchronous StSynchronous
TcpNodelay TcpNodelay
TcpUserTimeout TcpUserTimeout
ThresholdClass ThresholdClass

This API supports the Mono for Android infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.

(Inherited from Object)
ThresholdType ThresholdType

This API supports the Mono for Android infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.

(Inherited from Object)
Wcontinued Wcontinued
Wexited Wexited
Wnohang Wnohang
Wnowait Wnowait
Wstopped Wstopped
Wuntraced Wuntraced


Clone() Clone()

Creates and returns a copy of this Object.

(Inherited from Object)
Dispose() Dispose() Inherited from Object
Dispose(Boolean) Dispose(Boolean) Inherited from Object
Equals(Object) Equals(Object)

Compares this instance with the specified object and indicates if they are equal.

(Inherited from Object)
ErrnoName(Int32) ErrnoName(Int32)

Returns the string name of an errno value.

GaiName(Int32) GaiName(Int32)

Returns the string name of a getaddrinfo(3) error value.

GetHashCode() GetHashCode()

Returns an integer hash code for this object.

(Inherited from Object)
JavaFinalize() JavaFinalize()

Invoked when the garbage collector has detected that this instance is no longer reachable.

(Inherited from Object)
Notify() Notify()

Causes a thread which is waiting on this object's monitor (by means of calling one of the wait() methods) to be woken up.

(Inherited from Object)
NotifyAll() NotifyAll()

Causes all threads which are waiting on this object's monitor (by means of calling one of the wait() methods) to be woken up.

(Inherited from Object)
SetHandle(IntPtr, JniHandleOwnership) SetHandle(IntPtr, JniHandleOwnership)

Sets the Handle property.

(Inherited from Object)
S_ISBLK(Int32) S_ISBLK(Int32)

Tests whether the given mode is a block device.

S_ISCHR(Int32) S_ISCHR(Int32)

Tests whether the given mode is a character device.

S_ISDIR(Int32) S_ISDIR(Int32)

Tests whether the given mode is a directory.


Tests whether the given mode is a FIFO.

S_ISLNK(Int32) S_ISLNK(Int32)

Tests whether the given mode is a symbolic link.

S_ISREG(Int32) S_ISREG(Int32)

Tests whether the given mode is a regular file.


Tests whether the given mode is a socket.

ToArray<T>() ToArray<T>() Inherited from Object
ToString() ToString()

Returns a string containing a concise, human-readable description of this object.

(Inherited from Object)
UnregisterFromRuntime() UnregisterFromRuntime() Inherited from Object
Wait() Wait()

Causes the calling thread to wait until another thread calls the notify() or notifyAll() method of this object.

(Inherited from Object)
Wait(Int64) Wait(Int64)

Causes the calling thread to wait until another thread calls the notify() or notifyAll() method of this object or until the specified timeout expires.

(Inherited from Object)
Wait(Int64, Int32) Wait(Int64, Int32)

Causes the calling thread to wait until another thread calls the notify() or notifyAll() method of this object or until the specified timeout expires.

(Inherited from Object)

Tests whether the child dumped core.


Extracts the exit status of a child.


Tests whether the child exited normally.


Tests whether the child was terminated by a signal.


Tests whether the child was stopped (not terminated) by a signal.


Returns the signal that cause the child to stop.


Returns the signal that caused the child to exit.

Explicit Interface Implementations

IJavaObjectEx.ToLocalJniHandle() IJavaObjectEx.ToLocalJniHandle() Inherited from Object
IJavaPeerable.Disposed() IJavaPeerable.Disposed() Inherited from Object
IJavaPeerable.DisposeUnlessReferenced() IJavaPeerable.DisposeUnlessReferenced() Inherited from Object
IJavaPeerable.Finalized() IJavaPeerable.Finalized() Inherited from Object
IJavaPeerable.SetJniIdentityHashCode(Int32) IJavaPeerable.SetJniIdentityHashCode(Int32) Inherited from Object
IJavaPeerable.SetJniManagedPeerState(JniManagedPeerStates) IJavaPeerable.SetJniManagedPeerState(JniManagedPeerStates) Inherited from Object
IJavaPeerable.SetPeerReference(JniObjectReference) IJavaPeerable.SetPeerReference(JniObjectReference) Inherited from Object

Extension Methods

JavaCast<TResult>(IJavaObject) JavaCast<TResult>(IJavaObject)

Performs an Android runtime-checked type conversion.

JavaCast<TResult>(IJavaObject) JavaCast<TResult>(IJavaObject)
GetJniTypeName(IJavaPeerable) GetJniTypeName(IJavaPeerable)

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