DisplayMetricsDensity DisplayMetricsDensity Enum


Enumerates values returned by several types.

public enum DisplayMetricsDensity
type DisplayMetricsDensity = 


D260 D260 260
D280 D280 280
D300 D300 300
D340 D340 340
D360 D360 360
D400 D400 400
D420 D420 420
D560 D560 560
Default Default 160

The reference density used throughout the system.

High High 240

Standard quantized DPI for high-density screens.

Low Low 120

Standard quantized DPI for low-density screens.

Medium Medium 160

Standard quantized DPI for medium-density screens.

Tv Tv 213
Xhigh Xhigh 320

Standard quantized DPI for extra-high-density screens.

Xxhigh Xxhigh 480

Standard quantized DPI for extra-extra-high-density screens.

Xxxhigh Xxxhigh 640

Standard quantized DPI for extra-extra-extra-high-density screens.


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