Action Enum


public enum Action
type Action = 


AccessibilityFocus 64

Action that gives accessibility focus to the node.

ClearAccessibilityFocus 128

Action that clears accessibility focus of the node.

ClearFocus 2

Action that clears input focus of the node.

ClearSelection 8

Action that unselects the node.

Click 16

Action that clicks on the node info.

Collapse 524288
Copy 16384

Action to copy the current selection to the clipboard.

Cut 65536

Action to cut the current selection and place it to the clipboard.

Dismiss 1048576
Expand 262144
Focus 1

Action that gives input focus to the node.

LongClick 32

Action that long clicks on the node.

NextAtMovementGranularity 256
NextHtmlElement 1024
Paste 32768

Action to paste the current clipboard content.

PreviousAtMovementGranularity 512
PreviousHtmlElement 2048
ScrollBackward 8192

Action to scroll the node content backward.

ScrollForward 4096

Action to scroll the node content forward.

Select 4

Action that selects the node.

SetSelection 131072
SetText 2097152


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