EventTypes EventTypes Enum


Enumerates values returned by several types and taken as a parameter of several types.

public enum EventTypes
type EventTypes = 


AllMask AllMask -1

Mask for AccessibilityEventall types.

Announcement Announcement 16384

Represents the event of an application making an announcement.

AssistReadingContext AssistReadingContext 16777216
GestureDetectionEnd GestureDetectionEnd 524288

Represents the event of ending gesture detection.

GestureDetectionStart GestureDetectionStart 262144

Represents the event of beginning gesture detection.

NotificationStateChanged NotificationStateChanged 64

Represents the event showing a Notification.

TouchExplorationGestureEnd TouchExplorationGestureEnd 1024

Represents the event of ending a touch exploration gesture.

TouchExplorationGestureStart TouchExplorationGestureStart 512

Represents the event of starting a touch exploration gesture.

TouchInteractionEnd TouchInteractionEnd 2097152

Represents the event of the user ending to touch the screen.

TouchInteractionStart TouchInteractionStart 1048576

Represents the event of the user starting to touch the screen.

ViewAccessibilityFocusCleared ViewAccessibilityFocusCleared 65536

Represents the event of clearing accessibility focus.

ViewAccessibilityFocused ViewAccessibilityFocused 32768

Represents the event of gaining accessibility focus.

ViewClicked ViewClicked 1

Represents the event of clicking on a View like Button, CompoundButton, etc.

ViewContextClicked ViewContextClicked 8388608
ViewFocused ViewFocused 8

Represents the event of setting input focus of a View.

ViewHoverEnter ViewHoverEnter 128

Represents the event of a hover enter over a View.

ViewHoverExit ViewHoverExit 256

Represents the event of a hover exit over a View.

ViewLongClicked ViewLongClicked 2

Represents the event of long clicking on a View like Button, CompoundButton, etc.

ViewScrolled ViewScrolled 4096

Represents the event of scrolling a view.

ViewSelected ViewSelected 4

Represents the event of selecting an item usually in the context of an AdapterView.

ViewTextChanged ViewTextChanged 16

Represents the event of changing the text of an EditText.

ViewTextSelectionChanged ViewTextSelectionChanged 8192

Represents the event of changing the selection in an EditText.

ViewTextTraversedAtMovementGranularity ViewTextTraversedAtMovementGranularity 131072

Represents the event of traversing the text of a view at a given movement granularity.

WindowContentChanged WindowContentChanged 2048

Represents the event of changing the content of a window and more specifically the sub-tree rooted at the event's source.

WindowsChanged WindowsChanged 4194304
WindowStateChanged WindowStateChanged 32

Represents the event of opening a PopupWindow, Menu, Dialog, etc.


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