InputSourceType InputSourceType Enum


Enumerates values returned by several types and taken as a parameter of several types.

public enum InputSourceType
type InputSourceType = 


Any Any -256

A special input source constant that is used when filtering input devices to match devices that provide any type of input source.

BluetoothStylus BluetoothStylus 49154
ClassButton ClassButton 1
ClassJoystick ClassJoystick 16
ClassMask ClassMask 255

A mask for input source classes.

Each distinct input source constant has one or more input source class bits set to specify the desired interpretation for its input events.

ClassNone ClassNone 0

The input source has no class.

It is up to the application to determine how to handle the device based on the device type.

ClassPointer ClassPointer 2
ClassPosition ClassPosition 8
ClassTrackball ClassTrackball 4
Dpad Dpad 513

The input source is a DPad.

Gamepad Gamepad 1025

The input source is a game pad. (It may also be a SourceJoystick).

Hdmi Hdmi 33554433
Joystick Joystick 16777232

The input source is a joystick. (It may also be a SourceGamepad).

Keyboard Keyboard 257

The input source is a keyboard.

This source indicates pretty much anything that has buttons.

Mouse Mouse 8194

The input source is a mouse pointing device. This code is also used for other mouse-like pointing devices such as trackpads and trackpoints.

MouseRelative MouseRelative 131076
RotaryEncoder RotaryEncoder 4194304
Stylus Stylus 16386

The input source is a stylus pointing device.

TouchNavigation TouchNavigation 2097152
Touchpad Touchpad 1048584

The input source is a touch pad or digitizer tablet that is not associated with a display (unlike SourceTouchscreen).

Touchscreen Touchscreen 4098

The input source is a touch screen pointing device.

Trackball Trackball 65540

The input source is a trackball.

Unknown Unknown 0

The input source is unknown.


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