IViewParent IViewParent Interface


Defines the responsibilities for a class that will be a parent of a View.

[Android.Runtime.Register("android/view/ViewParent", "", "Android.Views.IViewParentInvoker", ApiSince=1)]
public interface IViewParent : Android.Runtime.IJavaObject, IDisposable
type IViewParent = interface
    interface IJavaObject
    interface IDisposable


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Handle Handle

Gets the JNI value of the underlying Android object.

(Inherited from IJavaObject)
IsLayoutDirectionResolved IsLayoutDirectionResolved

Tells if this view parent layout direction is resolved.

IsLayoutRequested IsLayoutRequested

Indicates whether layout was requested on this view parent.

IsTextAlignmentResolved IsTextAlignmentResolved

Tells if this view parent text alignment is resolved.

IsTextDirectionResolved IsTextDirectionResolved

Tells if this view parent text direction is resolved.

LayoutDirection LayoutDirection

Return this view parent layout direction.

Parent Parent

Returns the parent if it exists, or null.

ParentForAccessibility ParentForAccessibility

Gets the parent of a given View for accessibility.

TextAlignment TextAlignment

Return this view parent text alignment.

TextDirection TextDirection

Return this view parent text direction.


BringChildToFront(View) BringChildToFront(View)

Change the z order of the child so it's on top of all other children.

CanResolveLayoutDirection() CanResolveLayoutDirection()

Tells if this view parent can resolve the layout direction.

CanResolveTextAlignment() CanResolveTextAlignment()

Tells if this view parent can resolve the text alignment.

CanResolveTextDirection() CanResolveTextDirection()

Tells if this view parent can resolve the text direction.

ChildDrawableStateChanged(View) ChildDrawableStateChanged(View)

This method is called on the parent when a child's drawable state has changed.

ChildHasTransientStateChanged(View, Boolean) ChildHasTransientStateChanged(View, Boolean)

Called when a child view now has or no longer is tracking transient state.

ClearChildFocus(View) ClearChildFocus(View)

Called when a child of this parent is giving up focus

CreateContextMenu(IContextMenu) CreateContextMenu(IContextMenu)

Have the parent populate the specified context menu if it has anything to add (and then recurse on its parent).

FocusableViewAvailable(View) FocusableViewAvailable(View)

Tells the parent that a new focusable view has become available.

FocusSearch(View, FocusSearchDirection) FocusSearch(View, FocusSearchDirection)

Find the nearest view in the specified direction that wants to take focus

GetChildVisibleRect(View, Rect, Point) GetChildVisibleRect(View, Rect, Point)

Compute the visible part of a rectangular region defined in terms of a child view's coordinates.

InvalidateChild(View, Rect) InvalidateChild(View, Rect)

All or part of a child is dirty and needs to be redrawn.

InvalidateChildInParent(Int32[], Rect) InvalidateChildInParent(Int32[], Rect)

All or part of a child is dirty and needs to be redrawn.

KeyboardNavigationClusterSearch(View, FocusSearchDirection) KeyboardNavigationClusterSearch(View, FocusSearchDirection)
NotifySubtreeAccessibilityStateChanged(View, View, ContentChangeTypes) NotifySubtreeAccessibilityStateChanged(View, View, ContentChangeTypes)

Notifies a view parent that the accessibility state of one of its descendants has changed and that the structure of the subtree is different.

OnNestedFling(View, Single, Single, Boolean) OnNestedFling(View, Single, Single, Boolean)

Request a fling from a nested scroll.

OnNestedPreFling(View, Single, Single) OnNestedPreFling(View, Single, Single)

React to a nested fling before the target view consumes it.

OnNestedPrePerformAccessibilityAction(View, Action, Bundle) OnNestedPrePerformAccessibilityAction(View, Action, Bundle)
OnNestedPreScroll(View, Int32, Int32, Int32[]) OnNestedPreScroll(View, Int32, Int32, Int32[])

React to a nested scroll in progress before the target view consumes a portion of the scroll.

OnNestedScroll(View, Int32, Int32, Int32, Int32) OnNestedScroll(View, Int32, Int32, Int32, Int32)

React to a nested scroll in progress.

OnNestedScrollAccepted(View, View, ScrollAxis) OnNestedScrollAccepted(View, View, ScrollAxis)

React to the successful claiming of a nested scroll operation.

OnStartNestedScroll(View, View, ScrollAxis) OnStartNestedScroll(View, View, ScrollAxis)

React to a descendant view initiating a nestable scroll operation, claiming the nested scroll operation if appropriate.

OnStopNestedScroll(View) OnStopNestedScroll(View)

React to a nested scroll operation ending.

RecomputeViewAttributes(View) RecomputeViewAttributes(View)

Tell view hierarchy that the global view attributes need to be re-evaluated.

RequestChildFocus(View, View) RequestChildFocus(View, View)

Called when a child of this parent wants focus

RequestChildRectangleOnScreen(View, Rect, Boolean) RequestChildRectangleOnScreen(View, Rect, Boolean)

Called when a child of this group wants a particular rectangle to be positioned onto the screen.

RequestDisallowInterceptTouchEvent(Boolean) RequestDisallowInterceptTouchEvent(Boolean)

Called when a child does not want this parent and its ancestors to intercept touch events with OnInterceptTouchEvent(MotionEvent).

RequestFitSystemWindows() RequestFitSystemWindows()

Ask that a new dispatch of FitSystemWindows(Rect) be performed.

RequestLayout() RequestLayout()

Called when something has changed which has invalidated the layout of a child of this view parent.

RequestSendAccessibilityEvent(View, AccessibilityEvent) RequestSendAccessibilityEvent(View, AccessibilityEvent)

Called by a child to request from its parent to send an AccessibilityEvent.

RequestTransparentRegion(View) RequestTransparentRegion(View)

Called when a child wants the view hierarchy to gather and report transparent regions to the window compositor.

ShowContextMenuForChild(View) ShowContextMenuForChild(View)

Bring up a context menu for the specified view or its ancestors.

ShowContextMenuForChild(View, Single, Single) ShowContextMenuForChild(View, Single, Single)
StartActionModeForChild(View, ActionMode+ICallback) StartActionModeForChild(View, ActionMode+ICallback)

Start an action mode for the specified view with the default type Primary.

StartActionModeForChild(View, ActionMode+ICallback, ActionModeType) StartActionModeForChild(View, ActionMode+ICallback, ActionModeType)

Extension Methods

JavaCast<TResult>(IJavaObject) JavaCast<TResult>(IJavaObject)

Performs an Android runtime-checked type conversion.

JavaCast<TResult>(IJavaObject) JavaCast<TResult>(IJavaObject)

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