MetaKeyStates MetaKeyStates Enum


Enumerates values returned by several types and taken as a parameter of several types.

public enum MetaKeyStates
type MetaKeyStates = 


AltLeftOn AltLeftOn 16
AltMask AltMask 50

This mask is a combination of AltOn, AltLeftOn and AltRightOn.

AltOn AltOn 2
AltRightOn AltRightOn 32
CapsLockOn CapsLockOn 1048576
CtrlLeftOn CtrlLeftOn 8192
CtrlMask CtrlMask 28672
CtrlOn CtrlOn 4096
CtrlRightOn CtrlRightOn 16384
FunctionOn FunctionOn 8
MetaLeftOn MetaLeftOn 131072
MetaMask MetaMask 458752
MetaOn MetaOn 65536
MetaRightOn MetaRightOn 262144
NumLockOn NumLockOn 2097152
ScrollLockOn ScrollLockOn 4194304
ShiftLeftOn ShiftLeftOn 64
ShiftMask ShiftMask 193
ShiftOn ShiftOn 1
ShiftRightOn ShiftRightOn 128
SymOn SymOn 4


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